Solar-Powered Light Show Wind Chime: A Small Gadget That Will Be A Feast To Both Your Eyes And Ears.

The solar powered light show wind chime is a pleasure to watch and hear as it whistles the wind induced tunes and at the same time emit an eye catching iridescent act. As the name suggest, the solar powered light show wind chime incorporates the effects of the traditional chime as well as the irresistible color effect. The major advantage of this gadget over the traditional chime is that even if there is no breeze passing through the garden or house, there is always something to look at and admire. If there is a breeze passing through, then it will be a double bonus for both the eyes and ears.

Solar Powered Light Show Wind Chime Uses Clean Energy Sources

A product under the wide range of the Sunergy solar products, this is an innovative as well as environmentally clean gadget as it does not use non renewable sources of energy (the wind and the sun) for both the chimes and the lights respectively. Over and above the benefits of the clean source of energy, the gadget is very economic as there is no electricity bill to that comes with enjoying the magnificent radiance emitted.

The solar powered light show wind chime uses a very simple mechanism, which makes a very light gadget. The solar powered light show wind chime uses four solar panels that provide power for a semiconductor diode that converts applied voltage to light, commonly known as light emitting diode (LED). The LED is placed inside the crackled glass sphere.

There are a total of seven colors that are emitted by the solar powered light show wind chime. The colors come in succession after every three seconds thus it takes up to more than twenty minutes before the colors are repeated. The texture of the glass housing the sunergy solar wind chime, is designed in a manner that there is a lot of reflection of the changing colors and this gives a breath taking sight.

The effect of having the solar powered light show wind chime installed is like a miniature galaxy that has been trapped in glass that has its attractive starry lights painting the floors and walls in succession and this always catch the eye without even tiring. So much for the lights, but there is also the melodic and metallic tune, which the aluminum chimes, which are attached to the entire gadget, emit.