Solar Wind Chimes, Letting Nature do The Work

From the moment the word wind chime reaches anybody’s ears they’re suddenly filled with harmonic melody and a sense of calmness. And now to make it even more interesting and not so weather dependant, our brilliant inventors have come up with solar wind chimes. Not only are they practically guaranteed but they are also not just seasonal anymore. The long winter arrival wait for taking out the wind chime is so over, and that’s all thanks to the solar wind chime.

What makes this one so different and trustworthy is that it’s a solar powered wind chime. In other words solar is now the main ‘engine’ behind the solar wind chime’s functioning. This therefore means that instead of depending on the climate to change;
The solar influences the change in the climate thus making the solar wind chime even more effective. This is because solar helps in the flow of renewable energy instead of just depending on nature to take its cause, the solar takes some of the burden from it.

Solar Plays A Major Role In Our Modern Lives, From Architecture To Agriculture

Think about the way buildings are situated, they are not just put there but prior planning goes into consideration and this includes solar effect as well (light, heat, etc). The way planting is done also is affected by the solar energy. And now we have solar wind chimes which obviously show that solar is effective in every way, even when we are not aware.

These solar wind chimes come in different shapes and makes making them twice as useful; not only are they musically relaxing but they’re also a great form of décor. They come in birdie shapes, in butterfly shaping, and of course the familiar tubular pipes shape to name but a few for your enticement sake. I forgot to mention the third use; they are energy bearing (solar energy that is). They also have those solar wind chimes that change colors i.e. they progress through a number of colors; it could be four, seven and maybe even more.

There is one thing however that I haven’t gotten to figuring out and that is; I know wind chimes are also used to detect which way the wind is coming from. So my inner (maybe even stupid) query is; is it still possible to detect the direction of the wind through the solar wind chimes? Like I said maybe I’m in my ‘immature’ state, hopefully not for long.