Appreciating the Designs of Stained Glass Wind Chime

Stained glass art is a historically well-known craft that has displayed the wonderful designs of human creativity during the medieval years towards the present times. Originally this craft involved the use of brown enamel called grisaille to fill in details such as facial features, fingers, and folds in garments. Gradually, more than just the necessary details began to be painted in, and as colored enamels were developed; colorless glass became a canvas for glass painters. The resulting paintings on glass, however, lacked the brilliance and beauty of the medieval masterpieces.

During the 14th century, the Black Death plague raged through Europe, taking its toll on all the arts. Much of the knowledge of the craft of making colored glass disappeared. Austere Cistercian monks banned these vivid picture windows, furthering the decline of the art. These factors caused work in stained glass to become a lost art by the end of the 17th century.

The Process of Staining The Stained Glass Wind Chime

The basic procedure, which consisted of cutting the glass, wrapping the edges with lead, and soldering them together, has essentially remained the same. First, a pattern, or cartoon, was drawn, taking into account the limitations in cutting the glass to shape and the placement of the lines of leading. The leading was positioned to enhance rather than detract from the overall effect once the window was complete.

Form the different procedures of glass staining comes the different processes by which the said glass creations are displayed. Likely, displaying the said crafts through the creation of stained glass wind chimes has been among the most interesting procedures by which craftsmen were able to find the right kind of way to display the crafted pieces of glass. Stained glass wind chimes are noted for their beauty especially when being touched by sunlight.

Aside from that the effect of the wind on the tapped stained glass wind chimes, the said types of wind chimes are also capable of displaying historical feel of decoration within a specific area where it is situated. No matter how they are placed, stained glass wind chimes are always ready to inspire appreciators of the art. The same feel could be noted from the Chinese glass wind chime displays that are developed to increase the improvement of worldwide glass art presentations. So if you are aiming to find a fine piece of art to display around your home, you could always consider purchasing stained glass wind chimes.