Be Fascinated With the Creation of Fused Glass Wind Chime

The basic ingredients of glass have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Silica sand, lime and soda still make about 90 percent of the world’s glass, but the production scale has been considerably increased to meet modern demands. Today’s glassmakers scrupulously select tons of pure raw materials, weigh them to the ounce, thoroughly mix them and then feed the mixture, or batch, to gigantic tank furnaces that can hold more than 1,000 tons of molten glass.

Although added cullet, or scrap glass of the same formula to be manufactured, speeds the melting process, the furnace must be heated to about 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit! So corrosive is molten glass at this temperature that the process has been compared to melting a block of ice in a container of sugar. The heat-resistant furnace walls must usually be replaced every two to four years.

Appreciating the Fused Glass Wind Chime

Impressive as these complex machines may be, it is the glassblower who truly enthralls the watcher. Using a few simple tools and traditional skills of an ancient craft, this artisan persuades the liquid into articles of intricacy and beauty beyond the reach of automation.

The glassblowers function as a “shop” of six or seven men. First the “gatherer” takes the required amount of molten glass on the end of his blowing iron. About five feet long, this hollow iron pipe has a mouthpiece at one end and a knob at the other. To the inexperienced the blowpipe is a long, clumsy tube, but to the master glassblower it is the inseparable partner of an artist and his craft.

Obviously, as fascinating as glass blowing is, so is the creation of fused glass wind chime. Through burning and melting reforming and recoloring, the beauty of a created fused glass wind chime comes out in the open, enticing the human eye of the beauties that are most often than not directly affected by the sunlight that touches every piece of the fused glass wind chime that makes the beauty of the artistic piece into a wondrous view.

The effects that were used to make a fused glass wind chime luster with color and beauty makes the entire piece of crafted art a source of satisfaction to the eye of the maker and the vision of the ones who appreciate the said artistic forms of creation. Along with this, the creation of sea glass wind chime in collaboration with the creation of the fused glass wind chime makes a grand completion of the craftsman’s creation.