Enter the Allure of Making Sea Glass Wind Chime A Wonderful Part of Your Home

Sea glass collection has long been recognized as a wonderful art of making use of recycled glass pieces to become a part of a wonderful art presentation that could well result to a plausible outcome for the creator and for the ones who are to see it. Through the collection of glasses thrown and tossed into the shores of the seas, one would find it exciting to see these particular pieces of ‘supposed sea trash’ take a beautiful plight of form that is best seen through the creation of a sea glass wind chime.

Treating the Glass for the Creation of Beautiful Sea Glass Wind Chime Displays

To make a presentable presentation of the collected sea glasses, the treating of the said pieces is necessary. To treat the glass pieces means to surpass them into a series of procedures that are better designed to assist in making giving them better luster and livelier colors that would be much interesting to adapt once they are to be used to create sea glass wind chime display art.

The workshop is a small, round hut made of dried mud. In the center of the floor stands an earthenware kiln. Into the kiln, craftsmen drop pieces of wood, which they set ablaze. The fire is fanned to a roar by hand-operated bellows. As more sticks are added, a red flame rises above the top of the kiln. A bottle is suspended on a rod over the kiln, and soon the glass softens and hangs molten.
The bead maker makes beads one at a time. He lays a pointed rod over the fire next to the rod that suspends the glass. When the pointed end becomes a glowing red, he moves it to the hanging glob of molten glass. Then, by turning the rod with his fingers, he wraps a bead-size portion of glass onto it.

Next, using a long, flat bush knife, he smoothes and shapes the glass into a bead. If he is especially skilled, he may work with several colors of glass, overlaying a pattern on each bead he makes. Finally, he uses the knife to gently ease the bead off the rod into a pan of ash where it will cool. The bead is now complete. The hole made by the rod becomes the hole used to string the bead.

With the sea glass beads, the creation of the sea glass wind chime could now take place. Inserting the treated glass pieces into a string to make a considerably fine crafty art from the outcome pieces of the process complete the entire task. The same process could be followed if the creation of the sea glass pieces would be aimed in making vintage glass wind chime effect.