Exploring Wind Chime Sound Effects

You can enjoy the beautiful sounds of wind chimes with every season, both outdoors and indoors. The sounds can be so soothing, and you will want to listen to several wind chimes sound effects when searching for the right wind chimes. Some wind chimes are very artistically pleasing, and yet still create beautiful music. Wind chimes are made from a number of different materials, with metal being the most popular due to their durability and the common preference to hang wind chimes outdoor. However, the sound of metal wind chimes can also be very rewarding as they can be tuned to specific notes and tones.

Wind Chime Types and Wind Chime Sound Effects

Metal wind chimes are durable, weatherproof and rust resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. Many metal wind chimes are offered in multiple finishes and are hand-tuned for a wonderful musical experience. You can even listen to the wind chimes sound effects of several different metal chimes online when e-shopping for chimes. Several sizes are typically offered and it is important to note that a particular tube length corresponds to a specific sound pitch be it soprano, alto, or tenor. Simply listen and you will find your way to healing natural harmonics.

The most natural looking wind chimes, however, are made from bamboo. Bamboo wind chimes are not as durable as metal chimes, but look great in a garden or hanging from an overhang on your porch. Bamboo chimes cannot be tuned like metal wind chimes, but can still offer excellent wind chime sound effects with mellow and exotic tones.

The most unique and perhaps decorative wind chimes are those made of glass or ceramics. They work well both indoors as well as outdoors, and come in many different designs. They typically offer several color choices, and sometimes a glass or ceramic piece will be assembled on top of bamboo, wooden or metal tubes for a truly artistic display and pleasant wind chime sound effect.

Perhaps the most intriguing chimes are solar wind chimes that rely on sunlight versus wind. Solar wind chimes work great in yards that get more sunlight than wind, and can also be used indoors, in rooms with a lot of sun exposure. The tubes constructed in solar wind chimes run off of solar cell technology, with the amount of direct light to the cells determining the sound that is emitted. Though not relying solely on wind, these chimes can provide similar wind chime sound effects, with sound levels regulated by the amount of light received.