For a Good Chime, Call Woodstock!

Woodstock wind chimes are the elite of the wind chime world. After all, how many places can offer you Chinese wind chimes, Mozart wind chimes, Bach wind chimes, and chimes designed and built to play tones from scales of musical styles from all around the world and throughout history? The Woodstock chime is quickly coming to be synonymous with high quality, exacting design, and many years of customer satisfaction. There really is no sound quite like that of a Woodstock wind chime; you’ll know that the first time you ever hear one.

Woodstock Gregorian Wind Chimes

Woodstock Gregorian wind chimes come in five different sizes, from the 13-inch “Little” chime to the 56-inch “baritone” model. Each Woodstock Gregorian wind chime features eight precision-tuned tubes of silver anodized aluminum manufactured to play musical tones from the scales used by medieval monks and priests to sing the chants used in the worship of European churches and cathedrals during the Middle Ages.

The pure, clear tones from the chimes combine to create a delightful atmosphere of calm contemplation and serenity. Just the touch you need in your busy life! The baritone Woodstock Gregorian wind chime is made with cherry wood, and the other four models are made from ash. Woodstock Percussion uses only renewable, non-endangered hardwoods to craft their wind chimes, and each tube is tuned using a sophisticated, computer-based method to arrive at the perfect intonation for maximum clarity, resonance, and blend.

Create a Peaceful Space of Your Own

Though they are some of the best selling chimes Woodstock offers, the Woodstock Gregorian wind chimes are only one series of the more than twenty offered by Woodstock Percussion. Other chimes include the Feng Shui series, the Composer series, the Precious Stones series, the Seashore chimes, the Windsinger series, and many more. Like the Gregorian wind chimes, all Woodstock chime series come in different sizes. Different colors of aluminum tubes are also available, to offer you the maximum flexibility as you choose the perfect chimes for your decorating scheme.

Each Woodstock chime is engineered for maximum clarity of pitch, purity of tone, and perfect blend with the other chimes in the set. When you listen to Woodstock chimes, you’ll begin to realize that not only color and shape, but also sound can create a mood and an impression for any space, whether it be outdoors, in an enclosed patio, or in a room of your home. Browse the website for Woodstock Percussion (, and see how you can create a perfect space for relaxation and contemplation by using Woodstock wind chimes.