Searching for Wind Chimes that Sound Like a Bird?

Wind chimes are a wonderful garden addition for any nature lover, with those imitating the sounds of nature being perhaps the best suited for both the location and those who will take in these soothing sounds. The right chimes can calmly release your stress with the resonating tones produced from a natural soft breeze. And perhaps the most rewarding melodies are the natural sounds found in nature.

Birds Can Always Sing Freely in Your Garden

Metal wind chimes have earned the reputation of being the most musical wind chimes on the market, and you can easily find hand-tuned chimes to your liking, with some natural sounding wind chimes that even sound like a bird. You can decorate your garden with birds that you admire and that perhaps don’t visit often by choosing chimes that are decorated with specific birds in mind, such as the cardinal or hummingbird. These chimes are often designed to capture their magical music as well.

Woodstock wind chimes are perhaps one of the most popular and finest chimes available, capable of producing naturally soothing melodies. Many Woodstock wind chimes are crafted with metal tubes and a wind catcher carved in the shape of a particular bird, such as the hummingbird. These wind chimes truly combine beauty, music, and nature. They are instruments that are played by the wind.

Sphere chimes are perhaps the most unique type of wind chimes, with extra thick aluminum tubes that make these chimes one of the most resonant wind chimes on the market. You will need to experiment with various scales and voices to find the chimes with the most pleasing melody, and especially those which more closely resemble sounds in nature and particularly wind chimes that sound like a bird.

Grace Note wind chimes can also closely resemble the natural songs of birds, particularly soprano and earth song tunings. These precision tuned wind chimes come in many different sizes and have also earned the reputation of being the most musical wind chimes on the market. In many cases, it is left up to each individual to find the wind chimes that most closely sound like a bird in nature.

Consider the d├ęcor of the chime in addition to the sound they produce. Many chimes are crafted with birdhouse designs, or birds that join in the music. Sometime the design itself can provide wind chimes that not only sound like a bird singing in your garden, you sense their presence as well.