Select the Right Chimes Using Wind Chimes Sound Clips

Wind chime sound clips are a great way to explore the variety of sounds of wind chimes and determining those most pleasing to your ear. While they are an artistic addition to any garden, wind chimes are clearly a wind instrument considered a functional work of art. You can even group several sizes and tuned chimes together to create your own symphony; but in that case you will most definitely want to sample some wind chime sound clips to find the right combination.

Selecting the Right Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can promote a feeling of wellbeing, and aid in relaxation and meditation. So you should sample many varieties to find the chimes that bring the most rewarding music to your ears. You should listen to several wind chime sound clips in search of the right tuning that makes you feel most at ease and relaxed. Most quality manufacturers will offer sample audio files on their website for experimentation.

To select the right wind chime for you, you should first determine the right size for the location in which you plan to use the wind chimes. The length and diameter of the tubes will have a definite impact on the sound produced, and you should select a pleasing sound that works well with the area in which you plan to use the chimes. Wind chime sound clips can help you get the feel of what might work best, and you should close your eyes as you listen to them, preferably in or near the location in which they will be installed.

Once you have decided on the right size you can choose a scale that works best, such as Aquarian, Balinese, Chinese, Gypsy, Hawaiian or Japanese, just to name a few. There are also combinations of scales which sound particularly harmonious together should you plan to install multiple wind chimes, and wind chime sound clips may help you find just the right combination. You can even mix sizes and come up with a wonderful combination. Two combinations that typically work well together are Chinese/Balinese/Japanese and Japanese/Gypsy.

While location does matter, you may not want to get all wrapped up in analyzing scales and octaves. Perhaps you are simply searching for nature sounds that sing sweetly in your ears, such as wind chimes that sound like a bird. In this case you can easily narrow down your search by category and listen to available sample wind chime sound clips to find the right melody.