The Beautiful Sound of Wind Chimes

Weekends were made for relaxation, and there is nothing like relaxing to the beautiful sound of wind chimes. Whether you are relaxing with your favorite beverage, enjoying a good book, or freeing your mind and body through meditation, you can immerse yourself in nature with the sound of wind chimes resonating with the wind. There are so many styles and sizes of wind chimes available, you should test out several chimes before you decide which to buy; and if you are shopping on-line, digital wind chime sound effects can be quite helpful. In fact, some digital wind chime sound effects can be downloaded and enjoyed indoors and at any time.

Selecting the Right Wind Chimes To Get The Best Sound of Wind Chimes

The most common types of wind chimes are made from metal or wooden pipes, but there are many non-traditional wind chimes as well, made of other materials such as seashells, glass and ceramic pieces. Finding the right chimes is very much a personal preference, and you should consider where and how you plan to use your chimes and the effects of various wind chime sounds to guide you in your selection. The tone, volume and quality are three key features you should consider.

Wind chime sounds can have a different effect on your body, and both tone and volume contribute to this effect. Tiny metal wind chimes, for example, create light, tinkling sounds while heavier metal tubes strike deeper, richer tones. If the tone and volume are not to your liking, the resulting sound can be somewhat irritating, thereby defeating the primary purpose of a wind chime in promoting relaxation. Hand tuned wind chimes will usually result in a better tone because each tube is perfectly tuned to produce a good, unique tone that works in harmony with the other tubes. With regard to volume, larger chimes are typically louder; but thicker walled chimes also produce a louder volume and will ring longer.

Finally, there are several aspects to consider with respect to the quality of chimes; but generally speaking, if the chimes produce a good overall sound, they are likely well crafted. Low quality chimes might be artistically pleasing, but when the wind blows will produce a sound that is displeasing. You will want to check the quality of the strings as well, which should be thick enough to support the tubes over time and especially should the wind blow hard. By simply checking the quality of the craftsmanship and listening, you should be able to find the right wind chimes with the sound that is music to your ear.