Why Choose Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes?

I heard my first Woodstock Percussion wind chime on the back porch of my friend’s lake cabin. As a former musician, I was immediately struck (no pun intended) by the purity of the sound and the clarity of the musical intervals produced by this elegantly designed wind chime. For technical reasons that I won’t go into here, Woodstock Percussion wind chimes just sound better. Once you listen to them—especially if you compare the sound to another make of wind chimes—you’ll immediately notice the difference, even if you’re not a professional musician.

Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes- Attention to Detail

Musician Garry Kvistad got the initial idea for his company the same way people throughout the ages have developed musical instruments: he used what he could find. In his case, it was the aluminum legs from discarded lawn chairs. By utilizing his musical approach, he carefully tuned the tubes to the precise lengths needed to create particular musical pitches. Before long, his idea caught on, as more and more people began to realize that not only the appearance, but the sound of wind chimes had the ability to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Today, using sophisticated computerized tuning methods and precision materials (he finally ran out of old lawn chairs), Kvistad designs wind chimes that play notes and scales from many world cultures.

Woodstock Gregorian wind chimes, for example, use pitches from the musical scales endorsed by the medieval popes for use in worship to evoke a mood of quiet, serene contemplation. In fact, the baritone model (the Woodstock Gregorian wind chime is available in five different sizes) is immediately reminiscent of the bells of a large, European cathedral.

Huge Selection Of Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes

Take a few minutes and browse the website of Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes (www.chimes.com). You will soon appreciate the wide variety and high quality of Woodstock Percussion wind chimes. Available in a variety of musical styles (everything from ancient Israel to Chicago blues), colors, sizes, and prices, Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes can offer you the perfect wind chime for your home, garden, patio, or office.

All Woodstock Percussion wind chimes are made from renewable, non-endangered hardwoods and precision metal tubing, manufactured in a modern, safe, efficient plant. You’ll feel better, just knowing that your Woodstock Percussion wind chime will give you years of relaxation and enjoyment. The company’s website also features a FAQ page that will address most of the questions buyers could have. Woodstock Percussion wind chimes can be easily ordered online or purchased locally (the website offers a lookup service that lists dealers by zipcode).