Why You’ll Enjoy Woodstock Wind Chimes

Few sounds are more relaxing than the soft tolling of wind chimes in a gentle breeze. Musician Garry Kvistad has taken this one step further, however: by choosing particular musical notes and combining them with precision-tuned wind chimes, his Woodstock wind chimes can help to create a specific mood. The purity of sound that comes from Woodstock wind chimes sets these chimes apart from many others on the market. Designed with the precision of a percussion instrument, Woodstock wind chimes are the perfect addition to your porch, weekend cabin, or the breezeway in your house.

Woodstock Wind Chimes for Every Mood

Woodstock wind chimes are crafted using tones and scales from many different world cultures, one of the smart features that sets them apart. Whether you want to create an exotic feeling, a light, upbeat, happy atmosphere, a calm, contemplative space, or a unique, witty feeling, Woodstock has a perfect chime for you.

By using precision tuning to produce the purest note when the chimes are struck, Woodstock wind chimes create a truly unique sound that can evoke everything from ancient Greece to the sprightly music of Scott Joplin. As a professional musician who still tours and performs around the world, Garry Kvistad has meticulously researched the actual musical scales and intervals for the music of a broad range of world cultures, present and past. His attention to detail and craftsmanship insure that your Woodstock wind chimes will provide a uniquely pleasurable experience.

A Variety of Woodstock Wind Chimes Sizes

Whether you enjoy the high-pitched tinkling of the smallest models, or you prefer the low, sonorous tolling of the largest Windsinger chimes, Woodstock wind chimes can offer you the perfect “sound setting” for your home, garden, or office. Made from renewable, non-endangered hardwoods and precision metal tubing, Woodstock wind chimes are also available in a variety of colors, to blend with any d├ęcor. For many years, wind chimes were made primarily with their visual beauty in mind, but Woodstock wind chimes are, in the words of Garry Kvistad, “musical instruments that are played by the wind.” When you hear Woodstock wind chimes, you’ll immediately appreciate the purity of sound and the uniquely evocative way they suggest tunes, moods, and careful attention to musical structure.

Where to Order

Woodstock wind chimes are available from a number of online retailers. Just do an Internet search on “Woodstock wind chimes.” You can also browse the company’s web site, www.chimes.com, to obtain the name of a local retailer near your zip code.