Interesting Facts About A Wind Chime

The wind chime has been known to man from very early times though its present avatar is a lot different than the string of shells that were strung up from trees in ancient times. In the beginning they served as quite crude types of home decorative items, but today they are available in much fancier forms. The spring time in particular is the right time to install a wind chime though it does have many interesting other uses as well.

Wind Chime Scares birds

An interesting piece of information related to the wind chime is that though it makes sounds that are pleasing to human ears, the same sounds, according to some, can scare away birds. These chimes also have religious appeal in countries such as China where they are used in temples. It is also common belief that installing a wind chime in the doorway of a home will bring good luck to the first visitor to that home.

Some manufacturers claim that their wind chimes are precision tuned though in fact these chimes are just shaped in tubular form rather than have irregular shape. You can change a wind chime’s tone by altering the length as well as diameter of its pipe and it is also possible to get most pleasing sounds by ensuring that the pipe is made from copper.

Tones From Wind Chime

Some special kinds of tones produced by a wind chime can even provide you with some healing effects and if you are looking for a bargain buy you should look for them in department stores where the prices are competitive and choices varied. In fact, these chimes make excellent gifts, especially on occasions such as Mother’s Day and even on anniversaries since they have good symbolic value. However, the Bible does prohibit use of chimes and so, before presenting one makes sure that you are not giving it to a very religious minded person.

To make a wind chime sound especially sweet requires that the point where the striker hits the pipe is adjusted till the optimum sound is produced. So, if you want sounds that will help to calm your mind and provide relief from stress and also awaken your spirit then go ahead and purchase a good wind chime. In fact, some very pleasing sounds are produced by bamboo wind chimes and these soft sounds are earthier than what is obtained from metal chimes. Using natural bamboo ensures that you are tapping nature’s resources rather than using man-made metal chimes.