Bamboo Wind Chime: Enhance Your Wealth And Improve Your Luck

Bamboo wind chimes can help transform your home into one that is not just bare or quite into one which looks more decorated and where pleasing sounds can make people relax more. In fact, more than three thousand years have passed since the first wind chimes were used by ancient Chinese, but today people can still enjoy the same calmness that the ancient Chinese enjoyed in those early days. Wind chimes produce very soothing sounds and they should act as a reminder that you need to take time off from busy schedules to relax as well as enjoy the musical tones that some wind chimes produce so well.

Bamboo wind chimes in fact, produce more than soothing sounds because the wood that they are made from is also known to provide its own benefits. As a matter of fact, proper use of a bamboo wind chime helps in creating more wealth, improves health and generally makes people feel better because of many healing powers associated with bamboo.

You can enhance your wealth by choosing a bamboo wind chime that has eight hollowed out tubes that are connected with one of those enchanting Chinese trading ships which too should be made from bamboo. To get maximum effect it requires that the ship as well as the tubes is positioned in a manner to produce the desired effect. It is well known that between six and eight bamboo tubes will create more positive energy and will improve your luck as well; five tubes on the other hand will help save you from bad luck.

Bamboo Wind Chime Placement

You can place your bamboo wind chime wherever it suits you though the best place to hang it is in a corner where there is a lot of breeze which in turn will result in more soothing sounds. If you are using the bamboo wind chime for Feng Shui purposes it may then be necessary to position the chime to face a certain star, especially one that represents fire.

The wood element of bamboo wind chimes will, when facing the star (fire element); ensure that good luck enters into your home. However, makes sure not to try the same positioning with metal chimes as that, it is believed, will only cause bad luck to affect you.

If you wish to install a bamboo wind chime in your front yard then it may be necessary to choose large bamboo wind chimes as they will provide sufficient sounds and also look great. They do not cost too much but will certainly provide you with relaxation whenever you step out of your home.